Growing our forest...

Growing our forest...

Why does The Collective Wolf care about trees so much?

As the daughter of an ethical tree surgeon, trees are very close to my heart and they surround/tower over me in my day job too. We tend to the tiniest of saplings all the way up to the mightiest of Oak trees and ever since I was a small child I've been immersed in this beautiful chlorophyll filled world.

The thought of an Earth without trees is a terrifying one and it's always been really important to me to try to help to  protect our planet.

It's been clear to me from the beginning of this journey with The Collective Wolf that I need to try and give as much back to our planet as I take as a product based company, so when we came across the Ecologi programme I knew immediately that it was perfect for us. 

How we found Ecologi...

I've always liked the idea of: Place an Order, Plant a Tree but the practicality of that was a hard one to navigate. I certainly don't have the time or available land and expertise to plant them myself, particularly as reforestation can do more harm than good if the wrong trees are planted in the wrong places.

Gabs and I came across Ecologi whilst shopping on another small business's site and quickly approached them for more information. It turns out that planting a tree for each customer order is not as expensive as one might think, and a simple app does all the hard work for us (not the actual planting, that's done by a human of course :D ).

But, how does Ecologi and the tree planting scheme work?

Ecologi have a few different plan options available and we use the 'Tree per order' function for businesses. In fact, we plant 3 trees per order at the moment.

With this plan option we pay a set price 'per tree' but this money doesn't necessarily all go on planting a specific tree because Ecologi also buy carbon offsets and fund rewilding projects (and much more). They also use a small slice of the funding for advertising and campaigning. 

Ecologi don't plant the trees themselves, they have highly knowledgeable planting partners who manage the reforestation of barren land all around the world. All trees have actual receipts that can be found here which I think is exceptional transparency, something which Ecologi are very strict on.

You can also subscribe as a personal supporter and pay a set subscription fee per month, it's similar to a Netflix subscription but with a positive environmental impact that you can measure. 

How much does The Collective Wolf pay Ecologi per order?

We pay $0.33 per tree which is roughly 27p, so for each order we receive from you we give £0.81 approximately. 

From time to time we run promotions where your orders gift more impact to Ecologi. Earlier in the year, for Earth Day, we planted 10 trees for every order instead of 3. So, keep your eyes peeled for more of these over the coming year.

Can I see the trees and where they have been planted?

On our Ecologi profile, which you can view here, there is a gorgeous visual representation of our forest and if you click on the individual trees you will see a block of information about the species of tree, the project it was planted with and the part of the world it was planted in. You can also click on the links provided there to learn more about each tree planting project!

There is even a section that highlights our carbon offset impact, you can find this by scrolling to the bottom of our Ecologi profile. At the time of writing we have offset 10.51 tonnes of CO2e which is equivalent to 8 Long Haul Flights, 32 metres of sea ice saved or 26,075 miles driven in a car.

Referral Scheme links for you (personal or corporate):

We love planting trees with each of your orders, and whilst this is certainly not an insignificant offering it is also important for us to do as much as we can to help in the race against irreversible climate change. 

If you have the spare income (I know it's a tight squeeze for a lot of us right now) then a subscription with Ecologi is a great way to give back passively without the need for drastic life changes that might not be possible for you right now.

If you're a small biz boss like us, why not consider joining Ecologi and plant a tree with your customer orders too! If you sign up with our link you will be given 100 trees to start your forest with.

Check out Ecologi here with our special Invite link to grab your free trees and begin your chlorophyll filled journey!

Thank you for making it this far...

I hope you enjoyed learning more about how your orders plant actual forests. We are super excited to see just how many trees we plant this year, as our rolling total is now over 1.3k!

Thank you ever so much for your support, as without you this literally would not be possible :D

Happy Weekend wolfies,





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